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Motor’s June Release.

Here’s a quick round up of our Motor June release.

New Hooks!

We’ve added a number of new hooks to the package which make building Qlik mashups even easier. You can find the details of these below:

  • useVariable: You can now create, edit and view variables from your Qlik Sense applications in you mashup.
  • useApp: Access information about your Qlik Sense application, including the name, id and last reload time. Also apply actions such as triggering a reload
  • useBookmark: Everything you need to build a Bookmark in your mashup. You can check out a full example using Material-UI here.
  • useGlobal: Access the global instance of our Qlik Sense site, list your applications, or access the global object.

Improved Error Handling

We’ve improved the developer experience by added better error handling to our hooks. If you incorrectly enter into the Cols object a dimension that doesn’t exist in your data model, or a measure that has syntax issues, we return some warnings to the console to let you know where you’ve gone wrong.

License Key

We’ve added a Watermark to the new release so you’ll need to add a valid license key to the Motor component in order to remove this.

You can check out the full release notes on our documentation site, below.




The React Framework for Qlik Sense Mashups

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The React Framework for Qlik Sense Mashups

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